Saturday, December 6, 2008

Everyone was right!

Ok I use to get this comment from all my co workers and friends that had kids "You are going to wish he couldnt crawl or walk." I use to think they were crazy, why would I want him to sit in the same place without exploring? Ok now, I TAKE IT BACK. OMG! Its a full time job now to keep him away from everything. I havent even child proofed the house yet except for the outlets. these are some of the things hes doen so far, and hes only been crawling for a week:
All my dvds end up on the floor.
He thinks the kitty litter box is a sand box (none of it got in his mouth)
cotton balls all over the floor one morning
our kitten is a chew toy since he can chase it now
So next time I hear someone tell me they wish they could crawl and walk, I wil reply.."YOu are going to take that back!"


Joanne said...

I told you be happy when he is small because it is a lot of work as they get bigger.

*I tagged you. Check out my blog to see what to do.*