Friday, January 23, 2009

Dreaded Hair Cuts

I was avoiding getting a hair cut for my son. But it was growing up and it really looked bad. Now I will stand by this when I say it, due to my really bad heartburn, he was born with a full set of hair. I mean, he needed a hair cut since he was born. (picture on the right)

At 5 months, we decided to give him his first haircut. He was a real angel. He just sat there taking it all in.

This was one of those moments that I was very proud of him. Ok now to the point of my post. This time around I wasnt as lucky. First of all, I saw the barber give me the receptionist the look of "oh no" He did not look happy that he was going to cut my sons hair. That in itself had me all nervous. Second, I didnt know if my son was going to be as patient as he was the first time. Well I got my answer as soon as he tries to touch his head. He kept trying to look at the barber with a look on his face that I can only imagine was of confusion as to why this man was holding scissors to his head. He was squirmy the whole time. Finally, I decided to jut hold his head and chin so that he wouldnt be able to move. Thats when the crying started. What made it worse was that the barber was not friendly at all, no calming words of encouragement for me or my son..which I thought I needed them more lol. In the end, my son looked really cute and it only cost me $10 and I still gave the man a tip. Now, well see until our next visit.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Im Back!!

I am excited to be back. It seemed like a long process to get over here. Maybe because my work decides to schedule a huge meeting in the middle of me unpacking. I am still not done, I have everything in each room that it belongs to. I need to really organize! The good news, I have off the next three days. Well off to do some reading.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

onesie Giveaway

I found LittleBellaBean shop with some really cute onesies. Those of us who have kids know how much we love to show them off in their cute clothes. So go on over and check it out. And not only that, shes giving a onesie away when you enter The Secrets in the Sauce's Giveaway. Plus if you purchase something from her shop, you get 10% off your purchase. SO what are you waiting for?

I will be disconnected for 3 days.

We are making our move tomorrow. I wont have my internet for 3 days. Until then, keep writing so that I will have much to catch up on when I get back.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Packing and Moving to a bigger apartment

I am very excited to say that I am moving into a 2 brdm apartment at last. Lucas and I thought it would be spacious enough for us three to be in a one bedroom apt. But now that "gordo" which means chubby one in spanish is crawling its impossible not to feel crammed. He follows me everywhere, and we bumped into eachother too much. We went to see our new place and as soon as I walked in, my jaw dropped at how spacious it was. I am going to have a dining room. No more accidental spills on my couches, and no more eating on tv trays. I also will be able to do laundry in my apartment and wont have to wait in line for a washer. My baby will also have his own room, which is a huge plus. Mommy and Daddy need their private time if you know what I mean. HEE HEE! I am so excited I cant stop smiling. Now back to my packing because I only have 2 days left. Until then!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 2 Of my Journey

I felt a lot better today compared to yesterday. It must have been first day withdrawls. I also stumbled upon something. I went to and saw that they are giving away a Wii Fit! How awesome is that. If I won, that would make my day! I also submitted a photo to where they will tweak it up for me and show me how I would look if I lost 20 lbs. Maybe that will give me more of an incentive to stay on track. So Hey! why dont you head on over there and join..maybe youll be the lucky one.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 1 on my journey to goal of 150 lbs

Ok so yesterday I took a stand against peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches, cookies, outback steakhouse cheese fries and many other unhealthy food choices I have been making. I woke up today around 8 am because our cable guy was going to check one of our boxes. I ate some oatmeal and a cup of orange juice. 3 hrs later which I was advised by a co-worker, thats how long your small meals should be apart. I ate two boiled eggs cut up in a salad with turkey and some wheat thins( I need the crunch) and I chose no dressing, I cant stand how low fat dressings taste. For a snack later I had a 1/4 c of trail mix and an orange. Then later I had a Quiznos small sandwhich with turkey and no cheese on wheat and pretty much didnt taste like anything. I wanted to have the bacon and the cheddar cheese and the jalapeno chips..My body was craving it. For dinner I had a pork chop that the father of the little girl I teach spanish to made. and half a serving of mashed potatos( which I dont know if that was a good choice. I dont feel hungry but I feel empty...this is tougher than I thought. I want to walk over to the cabinet and eat the last of my peppermint patty cookies I left from the other day. I cant be alone..I dont trust myself. Atleast with Lucas here, he would stop me from getting to the kitchen and remind me why I am doing this. I hope tomorrow gets better. I just now realized that food for me is like a drug, I am having withdrawls.